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Hello Parents to be !!

My name is Gemma.

WOW this is the most exciting time of your lives and I am just soo happy you found your way here to my website! 

I am an experienced midwife working in a Family Birth Centre here in Perth. I have had experience in private maternity and working in public hospitals, so i have the knowledge on what really happens in all sectors of maternity health. 

I have fell in love with educating and supporting women to have a positive, joyful birth experience.  

Out of work I love to teach yoga (I'm a Pregnancy Yoga instructor too).

I am extremely passionate in empowering women in pregnancy, birth and for motherhood. I believe that every woman has the right to have a positive birth story. 


I connect with the woman deeply; and I understand the birthing partner's needs to ensure both are supported, feel safe, comfortable, relaxed. To ensure  powerful in making decisions when it comes to their birth of their baby. 


I also LOVE teaching Hypnobirthing Australia's 'Positive Birth Program". I have confidence in my theoretical and practical knowledge of childbirth because I have real life experience of labour and birth. I actually incorporate the Hypnobirthing concepts to all my clients during their pregnancy and birth, and it works!! 

I promote positive natural birth, but also have experience to help if things do not go the way we plan. 


I wish you the best ‘birth’day for your family. 

Am really excited to share my passion and  being there for you in the future. You can do this!! I will do everything i can to ensure you find that self belief and trust in yourself and you body.