Will my birth be pain free?

We don't promise no pain but equip you with managing and understanding the birthing process and using pain-relief techniques. We use evidence-based practice with your innate knowledge to create an individualised "birthing toolkit" for you.  

What if I can't afford the classes?

Please contact Gemma to discuss a payment plan. 

When should I start this class?

I recommend booking this course from the 20th week of your pregnancy as this allows time to practice techniques with your birth partner. However this education can be taught at any point in your pregnancy (and the learnt tools can be used in the postpartum period too). 

Should my birthing partner attend?

Yes! Birthing partners play a big role in your birthing experience. This course helps you to connect with one another and use tools and techniques that allow you to work together. 
Birthing partners who are not prepared can interfere with your birthing process and have a negative experience themselves. This course educates them on what to expect, how to help and feel calm, and have resources on hand for your birthing day to have a positive, empowering experience too.